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Agent Banking Service

Our Agent Banking Service is Alternative Banking Adaptation Services, yielding to the yearning for basic financial service demands of unbanked population by providing dedicated basic Banking remodeled technlogy for the need of the unbanked communities.

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Dedicated Payment Service

At Nairami™, our Dedicated Mobile Payment Service is developed in responding to the market needs of Cash Mop-up, Bill Payment and Retail Disbursement service structures based on mobile-to-bank payment systems.

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Financial Inclusion Service

We work on smart financial inclusion services designed to encourage the suburban and rural population into embracing alternative financial services providing platforms for micro financial services through alternative channels.

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  • Our Culture.
  • Our Attitude.
  • Our Business.

The Nairami™ Nigeria Company is a Total Quality Management company, Our Company a is Yes! Company. Our Passion is a "CAN DO" Culture with a Positive Attitude towards whatever that We Do translating into a Yes! Business.

Our Corporate Culture revolves round the Seal to creating an environment and engagement of Relational Friendship around our adventure of service and a tenacity to sustain a passion for Excellence.

Our Attitude is persistent; seeing all missions as a Possible adventure, always believing in the Yes Spirit, with the focus on Excellence as the only standard for achieving Success.

Our Business is creating sustainable value in service delivery, providing smart and workable simple solutions for a better living. Our Business is a Yes! an Adventure of breaking new frontiers in simple payment services.


Cultured PROFESSIONALS.DediCation to ExCellenCe™
Ariyo Akinsola
Chief Executive Officer

Ariyo AKINSOLA is the founder, the chief executive officer and strategy executive of the Nairami™ Nigeria Company. AKINSOLA works on the company's business strategy development, implementation and lead the company into the future of the mobile payment business.

Opeyemi Ijalana-Oshikolu
Finance Executive

Opeyemi IJALANA-OSHIKOLU is the financial executive of the Nairami™ Nigeria Company; she brings a rich experience in financial planning, accounting process and auditing to bear in the overall business service of Nairami™ Nigeria including a proper monitoring of financial processes in the retail aspect of the business.

Kayode Ilori
Agency Executive

Kayode ILORI is the agency executive of the Nairami™ Nigeria Company; he brings a rich experience in financial service agent channel development and management in implementing Nairami Nigeria financial agency service business.

Our Partners

Great SyNerGy for ProFiTaBle OuTcomEs.


Smart BUSINESS MoDel.Service for All™
Adeyinka Daramola
Serial StartUp Investor

Adeyinka DARAMOLA is a Nigerian Angel StartUp Investor whose belief in the Financing of various StartUp Enterprises had led to Charles' new found passion in "Putting Fund On-Board" in building a wealth of experience in the field of Venture Capitalism and Investment Portfolio Management.

Adebowale Abayomi
Business Consultant

Adebowale ABAYOMI is an International Business Consultant with vast experience in Business outsourcing, Merger and Acquisition Strategy for major International Companies. He is a consulting venture capital investor into the Nairami™ Nigeria Enterprise.

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