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Financial Inclusion® is a financial access advocacy strategy designed to encourage the unbanked population into embracing basic financial service as a mean of encouraging saving culture among the population, providing a platform for micro financial service through Agent Banking and mobile money services.

Our Financial Inclusion® works are in the areas of strategy formulation, implementation and advocacy. The demand of the Nigeria unbanked dwellers to be included within the basic traditional financial space had called for various micro finance models including Basic Financial Banking ReModelling, with the aim of producing the desirable results.

With Financial Inclusion®, the yearning for basic financial inclusion agenda could be achieved with dedicated and strategic agent banking and mobile finance remodeling to cater for the need of the unbanked population.

Financial Inclusion® is a strategic advocacy service in implementing rural financial inclusion within Nigeria.

At Nairami™’s Financial Inclusion®, our passion is helping the unbanked dwellers to embracing basic finance and banking models as a strategy of poverty reduction and community transformation with rural and suburban financial remittance and rural-to-urban and rural-to-rural money transfer models.

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Great SyNerGy for ProFiTaBle OuTcomEs.


Smart Financial INCLUSION StraTeGy.BeNeFiT All the Way™
Rural Agent Banking Service

Bankimi™ is a rural Agent Banking franchise service, Bankimi™ runs on agent banking technology infrastructure and partnership providing basic form of local banking service and local money remittance service in Nigeria.

NairaFina™ Mokojo™
Micro Loan Service

Mokojo™ is a Micro Loan Service to the Financially Disadvantaged segment of the population without strict collateral, depending Financial Access within the most Financial Excluded population in Nigeria.

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